STUDIO Antti-Ville Reinikainen: Protectment 5 Feb - 20 Mar 2016

Turku Art Museum, Studio 5 February –20 March 2016

Press preview on Thursday, 4 February 2016 at 11 am at Turku Art Museum (Aurakatu 26, Turku).
Opening on Thursday, 4 February from 6 to 8 pm. The artist will be present on both occasions. Welcome!

Antti-Ville Reinikainen
works in the intermediate zone between sculpture and installation. His works often feature parts of ordinary rooms and the structures of apartment buildings and dwellings. Reminiscent of stage sets, the works are a blend of the familiar and the threatening, and in the gallery they seem to defy gravity. There is something empty or hollow in them, yet as human structures, they are also present very much like physical human bodies. Yet we never see any inhabitants in Reinikainen’s works.

The installation in Turku Art Museum is about finding shelter from light and the eyes of others. Reinikainen approaches his theme through various architectural elements. The prosaic structures of humanity always involve a dialogue between exclusion/rejection and presence/inclusion. Reinikainen’s works contain references to elements that are familiar from ecclesiastical architecture, such as steeples, altars and pulpits. These ecclesiastical components blend with mundane images, however, and are shown to be part of the continuum of human construction.

The title of the exhibition is a play with words that alludes to both protection and chance, misfortune or injury. Just as in the artworks themselves, so the word embraces not only a contradiction but hints at a temporally undefined event. Something has happened or is about to happen; an intact tile oven splits, colours bleed onto wallpaper. Signs of fracture or wounds appear in fortresses we have built to withdraw into ourselves.

Antti-Ville Reinikainen (b. 1980) lives and works in Helsinki. Protectment is his thirteenth solo exhibition and the first one in his native Turku.

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Curator Annina Sirén
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