STUDIO Anni Leppälä: Forest interior 10 Oct - 16 Nov 2014

A N N I L E P P Ä L Ä Forest interior

STUDIO Turku Art Museum 10 Oct – 16 Nov 2014

Press view on Thursday 9 October at 11 am at Turku Art Museum (Aurakatu 26, Turku).
Opening on Thursday 9 October 6 pm - 8 pm. The artist will be present on the events. Welcome!

Anni Leppälä
is among the most insightful photographers of her generation. The fairytalelike nostalgia combined with a scenic, sometimes even surreal ambience, make Leppälä's photographs highly identifiable. Her photographs record emotions, experiences and moments passing by, creating a forceful metaphysical atmosphere where the observer can look behind the hidden veil of what we call reality.

Forest interior presents works from 2012–2014 where the camera detects details which are partially discovered, partially manufactured. The collagelike way of working and the dialogue between the pictures give birth to new associations and novel ways of thinking. ”For me it has always felt essential to make discoveries by combining different photographs. When they meet on a new level, fresh and distinct ways of seeing things are created. The combinations also act as springboards for new photographs. When identifiying a reoccuring pattern in them it usually becomes a theme which later on can be found as a new motif or frequent element in the existing pictures.”

Leppälä sees photography as a way of approaching and lighting moments passing by. Her photographs also have an unidentified and silent atmosphere: what can be found in the pictures might as well be something hiding beneath the concrete surface. ”I am interested in the contradictions and borderlines between our visible world and an intuitively strongly perceived imaginary world. The photographs can act as vehicles of change to these separate worlds where their obvious reality related quality goes as evidence for our experiences.”

Anni Leppälä (b. 1981) got her BA from Turku Arts Academy in 2004 and her MA diploma from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. She has taken part in several international exhibitions and her works are in many significant collections in Finland as well as abroad. Leppälä was chosen as Young Artist of the Year in 2010. She lives and works in Helsinki.

curator Annina Sirén
tel. +358 (2) 2627 094 or +358 50 3568 800

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