Exhibitions 2014


Emil Wikström: The Allure of the Stone
24 Jan – 27 Apr 2014

Sculptor Emil Wikström (1864–1942) is firstly remembered for his public monuments and as a creator of a Finnish national romantic image gallery. During the last decades of the 19th century Wikström, a native of Turku, became the most popular sculptor of the Golden Era of Finnish Art. 150 years after Wikström’s birth the exhibition focuses on free sculptures created by him. National romanticism and realism were close to Wikström’s heart, but he also created many idealized sculptures of women and children which reveal his sensitive side.

Esko Männikkö: Time Flies
16 May –14 Sep

Having risen to world acclaim from early on in his career Esko Männikö’s (b.1959) photography can be seen for the first time in Finland in its entirety as a broad retrospective. Männikkö has come to be known for his photography of the Finnish countryside and its inhabitants. In his series Männikkö approaches the subjects he photographs with respect, and the trust he gains give the images a uniquely intimate atmos-phere.     

3 Oct 2014 – 25 Jan 2015

One of the great names of pop-art and post-modernism, Icelandic Erró’s (b.1932) baroque works simply overflow with detail. His works draw inspiration from the traditions of European art as well as from the imagery of the media and pop culture. Erró’s works critique society, displaying commentary on events in world politics, power relationships and consumerism.


Collected Works
15 Feb 2013 – 2 Nov 2014

We see the world in the form of stories: the things we read, see and experience, the things we remember, dream and think, they all become stories in our mind. The Collected Works exhibition presents stories, some of them familiar, others previously unknown. Comprising works of art from the 19th century to the 2010s, all from the collections of the Turku Art Museum, the exhibition includes literary subjects that were popular in older art, surreal dream images as well as the more personal narrative voices of contemporary art.


New Collection Exhibition
21 Nov 2014–



Mika Karhu: An Emotional Scenario
24 Jan – 9 Mar 2014

Mika Karhu (b. 1969) is known for his big black-and-white drawings in ink and coal, where everything doesn’t seem to be quite right. Shadowy faces and unsettling looks makes one wonder how structural violence affects us all and our way of seeing our fellow beings.

Kukka-Maria Rosenlund
14 Mar – 27 Apr 2014

Kukka-Maria Rosenlund, (b. 1987), who will graduate as a photographer from the Turku Art Academy in the spring of 2014, deciphers her family history in her degree exhibition. The past and the present go hand in hand in her photographs; illustrating memories, silence and the fear of giving up or losing something or someone dear.

Hesselhold & Mejlvang: Pomp and Ceremony

16 May – 14 Sep

Anni Leppälä
3 Oct – 16 Nov

Tapani Kokko
21 Nov 2014 – 4 Jan 2015



John Menick: Starring Sigmund Freud

24 Jan – 9 Mar 2014

In his work Starring Sigmund Freud (2012) American John Menick displays the postume motion picture life of the founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud. The film is a melting pot of scenes from movies and television series where the Sigmund Freud character has appeared from the 1950s.

Maija Timonen: Aune, or On Effective Demise
14 Mar – 27 Apr 2014

Video and film works by Maija Timonen can be placed somewhere in the borderline between documentary and fiction.  Aune, or On Effective Demise (2012) tells the story of a 19th century bedfast patient who lives under the threat of amputation in an uncertain reality. In her dreams the future meets a non-future. The story is loosely based on a Finnish novel for girls by Immi Hellén, published in 1896.

Katarzyna Kozyra: Summertale
16 May – 14 Sep


3 Oct – 16 Nov

Lauri Astala: Transit
21 Nov 2014 – 4 Jan 2015 

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