Turku Anikists present: Sand in Ice Cream 17 may - 15 Sep 2013

Turku Anikists present: Sand in Ice Cream
Turku Art Museum 17 May – 15 Sep 2013

Exhibition opening on Thursday, 16 May 2013, from 6pm to 8pm. Welcome!

In summer 2013, Turku Art Museum presents animations by Turku Anikists in the first-floor lobby of the museum. Entitled Sand in Ice Cream, the series features six new high class animations with moods ranging from beauty to ugliness, from art to entertainment. The series starts with Commercial Break, the latest episode film by the Anikists, advertising things that all too often pass unnoticed. The films feature as well some high heel shoes, the trial of the century, the Turku Cathedral and a bear, all involved in exciting situations. The slightly eerie ambience is created by CHRZU, Antti Laakso & Simo Ruotsalainen, Tommi Juutilainen and Elli Vuorinen.
The mission of Turku Anikists is to unite the forces of animation and thereby create favourable conditions for the production of non-commercial animation art in the Varsinais-Suomi region. The society was founded in 2005 as a spinoff of a script-writing circle of three animation directors. Since then the society has consolidated its position as one of the most significant animation collectives in Finland, and has increased its membership to fifteen animation professionals. Works by the Anikists were presented in Turku Art Museum also in 2011 in conjunction with the Animate exhibition series.

Turku Anikists: Mainoskatko (Commercial Break), 5 min., mixed media
In Commercial Break, we see animation directors learning the secrets of advertising, for what else does the world need as badly as more commercials?

CHRZU: Kenkähullu (The High Heel High), 7 min., computer cut-out animation
An animated documentary portrait of a Finn who collects high-heel shoes.

Antti Laakso & Simo Ruotsalainen: Safari Heat, 6 min., puppet/clay animation

The most dangerous criminal in Cape Town is finally brought to justice in the last episode of a police series.

Tommi Juutilainen: Åboa Whisper, 6 min., hand-drawn animation

An experimental animation film in which the Turku Cathedral is transformed as the same drawing is copied over and over again.

Elli Vuorinen: Sukkavartaankatu 9, 6 min., hand-drawn animation

The protagonist keeps finding small socks. Whose feet are getting cold?

Elli Vuorinen: Last Song, 6 min., pixilation
A taxidermist encounters his last piece of work as the last song plays.

Additional information:
Annina Sirén, curator, tel. +358 2 2627 094, +358 50 3568800
Antti Laakso, chairman of Turku Anikists, tel. +358 40 5919 463

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