Crème de la Crème – Masterpieces from the Collection of Turku Art Museum

14 Dec, 2010 – 3 Feb, 2013
Crème de la Crème showcases all-time favourites from the collection, while stopping to consider why some works of art become, or are turned into, larger-than-life "masterpieces". This delectable serving of classic art focuses on the Golden Age of Finnish art around 1900.

DEJA VU - Contemporary Art from Malmö Art Museum's collection

3 Feb – 20 May, 2012
The Malmö Art Museum holds one of the largest collections of Nordic contemporary art. The exhibition gives an insight into the art of the first decade of the 21st century. The strong position of photography in Malmö’s collection reflects the significance of the said medium in current artis-tic practice. The return of realism, and even photorealism, in painting is given specific attention. The exhibition highlights the interplay and connections between the displayed works and the history of art as well as the influence mass media and popular culture have on contemporary art.    

Fanny Churberg – Like No Other Woman Yet
1 June – 2 Sept, 2012
A great Finnish patriot, Fanny Churberg (1845-1892) repeatedly painted Finnish nature, a subject very dear to her, in different seasons and under various weather conditions. Churberg deviated from her fel-low artists in her subject choices and her style by using lively colours and expressive strokes. She can be seen as an artist whose expression was much ahead of its time. Her final and remarkably late break-through did not happen until 1919.

The Medicis of Mänttä – Classics of the Golden Age from the Gösta Serlachius Fine Arts Foundation Collection
14 September 2012 – 6 January 2013
The love for art of the Serlachius industrialist family in Mänttä led to the creation of one of the most impressive art collections in Finland. A selection of the best works from the collection comes to visit Turku, presenting a colourful portrait of the collection itself and of the patrons of the arts behind it. The showpieces of the exhibition are favourites of the Serlachius family, Akseli Gallen-Kallela and Emil Wikström, accompanied by other great names of the turn of the 19th and 20th century art such as Gunnar Berndtson, Albert Edelfelt, Magnus Enckell, Juho Rissanen, Hugo Simberg, Ellen Thesleff and Maria Wiik.


Hanna Seppänen 3 Feb – 25 Mar, 2012  
Hanna Seppänen (b.1983) has been working as a Henry Lönnfors artist-in-residence during 2009–2011. Her exhibition in the museum’s Studio consists of Seppänen’s latest large-scale charcoal drawings depicting memorable moments from the childhood.  

Hertta Kiiski
, Turku Art School Debutante 30 Mar – 20 May, 2012
Hertta Kiiski (b. 1973), a graduate from Turku Arts Academy’s photography department, has pho-tographed for the exhibition entitled Primavera her surroundings and especially her daughters. In these works she reflects the questions about growing up and letting go.

Noora and Kimmo Schroderus 1 Jun – 2 Sep, 2012
Artist couple Noora Schroderus (b. 1982) and Kimmo Schroderus (b. 1970) have since 2009 been completing their jointly executed work entitled The World. This composition consists of separate platforms which remind the viewer of railroad bridges. On top of these structures we find a network of roads leading from menacing mountain areas into badly damaged burned up disaster zones – leading from populous cities into desolate regions. Amongst this upheaval we encounter gloomy unforeseen events as well as joyous happenings.   

Stiina Saaristo 14 Sep – 4 Nov, 2012

Minna L. Henriksson 9 Nov, 2012 – 6 Jan, 2013


Throughout 2012 Darkroom series presents video and media art works of artists from the Balkan area.

Inci Eviner
(TUR) 3 Feb – 25 Mar, 2012
Inci Eviner’s (b. 1956) work Harem (2009, 3 min) is based on Antoine Ignace Melling’s image from harem from 1795. In Eviner’s media art work the original personae are replaced by women dressed in pajamas. The movements of these dancers, directed by Eviner, question our concep-tion of harem and recreate its hidden feelings.

Milica Tomic (SRB) 30 Mar – 20 May, 2012
Milica Tomic (b. 1960) walks with a Kalashnikov in hand in the streets of Belgrade in the work entitled One day, instead of one night, a burst of machine-gun fire will flash, if light cannot come otherwise (2009, 10 min). According to Tomic the 'war on terror' has changed the concept of war and we stepped into the era of a permanent war, with an open question: Who is the terrorist and who is being terrorized?

Ibro Hasanović (BIH) 1 Jun – 2 Sep 2012
Bosnian artist Ibro Hasanović (b. 1981) presents his film entitled A short story (2011, 10:20 min) in the Darkroom. The film recounts an orally transmitted tale (prophecy), based on Qasida-epic, from the artist’s uncle’s home village. In the film a male narrator tells a story in a picturesque mountain scene. Following the proven methods of film narration the story unfolds with a striking finale. 

Igor Grubic (HRV) 14 Sep – 4 Nov 2012

Danica Dakic (BIH) 9 Nov 2012 – 6 Jan 2013

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