How does the self-portrait of the Turku Capital of Culture 2011 look like? 2000 & 11 SELF-PORTRAITS exhibited in Turku between October and November 2011

How does the self-portrait of the Turku Capital of Culture 2011 look like?
2000 & 11 SELF-PORTRAITS exhibited in Turku between October and November 2011

2000 & 11 SELF-PORTRAITS, an art project part of the Programme of Turku 2011 European Capital of Culture, managed to reach hundreds of residents of Turku. The project will reach its culminating point on 13.10.2011 when a grand opening will be held. Eight different, yet thematically same, exhibitions will take place in eight different locations. Self-portraits made in altered workshops will be displayed in Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova’s Omatila, Galleria Å, Kynnysgalleria, Sokos Wiklund’s window display, Art Academy’s Köysiratagalleria, Turku Art Museum (balcony), Photographic Centre Peri and in Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, in which a façade projection takes place.

Self-portraits started to come about when residents of Turku grabbed pens, papers, paintbrushes and cameras and started to create in workshops as of autumn 2009. Several different communal art workshops produced pictures of the real people and about the time and the city they live in, which coin-cidently is also the time of the Capital of Culture 2011. Every residence in Turku has been welcomed to take part in these entrance fee free workshops. In addition all 2000 & 11 SELF-PORTRAITS exhibitions are also free of charge.

Both international and Finnish artists have been mentoring Self-portrait workshops. On top of Vesa Aaltonen and Pia Bartsch, both artists that are working within the project, workshops have been held by Jenny Eräsaari (FIN), Frances Hegarty (IRE) & Andrew Stones (GB), Leena Kela & Maija Reetta Raumanni (FIN), Marja Mikkonen (FIN), Cristina Nuñez (ES), Magnus Scharmanoff (FIN) and the last but not least, by Katrin Bethge (DE) whose workshop takes place during the forthcoming grand opening week. Ilona Tanskanen (FIN), has mentored autobiographical writing, additionally she is also the editor of the work Omakuva on jokaisen kuva, that will be released on 13.10.2011.

Omakuva on jokaisen kuva peeks behind the self-portrait. This publication aims to broaden the understanding of both, self-portraits and autobiographical writings and it is intended for everyone who takes interest towards making, exploring and using art. Essentially the book offers a wide range of self-portraits taken during the workshops. These self-portraits are not only reflecting the idea of present-day man but also the idea of our time.

Press conference for the 2000 & 11 SELF-PORTRAITS -exhibitions and the launch for the Omakuva on jokaisen kuva will be held in Turku Art Museum on Thursday, 13.10.2011 at 1pm. The editors and writers of the book as well as projects artists and partners will be present.

On top Cay Sevón, the Managing Director of the Turku 2011 Foundation will open the entire eight 2000 & 11 SELF-PORTRAITS -exhibition in a combined opening ceremony at Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova’s restaurant Aula on Thursday, 13.10.2011 at 5pm.

Additional information and photographs:

2000 & 11 SELF-PORTRAITS -project is curated by Taina Erävaara, and the actualization is completed by Turku University of Applied Sciences, Art Academy’s Fine Arts degree program.

Additional details:
Fine Arts Degree Program Manager Taina Erävaara, p. 050 5985 283
Producer Kaisa Lehto, p. 040 3550 297, kaisa.lehto(at)

2000 & 11 SELF-PORTRAITS -exhibitions opening timetable

Sokos Wiklund window display 5.10.–27.10.2011
Opening 4.10. at 5pm.
Performance Otoksia, Sokos 4.10.2011 from 5pm. to 6pm.
Wiklund window display

13.10.2011 from 3pm. to 5pm.
19.10.2011 from 3pm. to 5pm.

Köysiratagalleria 5.10.–16.10.2011
Opening 4.10. from 6pm. to 8pm.
Turku Art Museum, balcony 14.10.–24.11.2011
Opening 13.10. at 3pm.

Kynnysgalleria 14.10.–20.11.2011
Opening 13.10. at 4pm.

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova’s Omatila 14.10.–23.10.2011
Opening 13.10. at 5pm.

Galleria Å 14.10.–6.11.2011
Opening 13.10. from 6pm. to 8pm.

Photographic Centre Peri 14.10.–6.11.2011
Opening 13.10. from 6pm. to 8pm.

Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art 13.10.2011 from 6pm. to 8pm.
Façade projection

Köysiratagalleria 26.10.–5.11.2011
Opening 25.10. at 5pm.

Finnbingo Turku 28.10.–25.11.2011
Opening 27.10. at 4.30pm.

Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova’s Omatila 28.10.–13.11.2011
Opening 27.10 at 5pm.

Turku University of Applied Sciences 9.11.–9.12.2011
Linnankatu Library
Opening 8.11. at 3pm.

The lobby of ICT-building 9.11.–16.12.2011
Opening 8.11. at 5pm.

The Finnish Museum of Photography 16.12.2011–15.01.2012
Opening 15.12. from 5pm. to 7pm.


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