Noora and Kimmo Schroderus: The World
1 Jun – 2 Sep 2012
Since 2009, the sculptor couple Noora Schroderus (b. 1982) and Kimmo Schroderus (b. 1970) have been making a collaborative piece entitled The World, which will be on show in summer in the Studio at Turku Art Museum. An essential aspect of the piece is the exhibition tour, during which the work is recreated for each individual venue. The World has previously been exhibited in the art museums of Jyväskylä and Kuopio. In autumn 2012 it will be on show at the Amos Anderson Art Museum in Helsinki and in 2013 in the Norrtälje Konsthall in Sweden.

The work in the Studio consists of a glittering network of roads resting on constructions that resemble railway bridges. The roads lead from a menacing mountain landscape to a badly burnt disaster area and from the city to the countryside. In the midst of all the upheavals, the viewer comes across gloomy, impossible scenes, but also joyful events. The World contains dislocated cars, bronze figurines with gleaming eyes, and wildly jumping animals. In the Studio, a shadow falls on the installation from a large sculpture by Kimmo Schroderus, entitled Dark Cloud (2004), which hangs above the work in the high space.

Cars and driving are for Noora and Kimmo Schroderus an essential aspect of the sculptor’s lifestyle as well as a favourite hobby. When Kimmo drives, Noora captures the speeding landscape with her camera, making it easy to recall the visited places and experienced moods. The work designing The World was also done almost exclusively during long drives to residences. The Nordisk kunstnarsenter Dalsåsen in Norway offered not only a peaceful setting and excellent woodworking equipment, but also mountainous and forested views far away from urban bustle. In the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation’s residence in Rovaniemi, the artists concentrated on the reinforced plastic and details of the sculpture.

The materials used in The World are welded steel, cast aluminium and bronze, reinforced plastic, plaster casts and components made of carved wood. An essential part of the process has been continuous experimentation with materials and forms. The World is built at a scale of 1:18. Noora was familiar with working in miniature in her previous work, whereas Kimmo has used similar scales in the models of his large sculptures.

The World
is like a scale model of life, it requires deep observation to discover its titillating diversity. The reflecting network of roads allows sudden situations and catastrophes to be passed at accelerating speed, but the journey continues and comes at some point to a stop. The speed and the story are both determined by the viewer.

MEETING WITH THE ARTIST: Saturday 18 August 2012 from 2pm Noora and Kimmo Schroderus will present their exhibition The World to the audience and talk about their practice in Finnish in the Turku Art Museum Studio.
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