Graham Kibble
Space, Time and Flatness or 2001: A Space Oddity
15 Sep – 5 Nov 2006
Space, Time and Flatness or 2001: A Space Oddity
In Turku Art Museum’s Studio 15.9.-5.11.2006

In his exhibition Space, Time and Flatness or 2001: A Space Oddity, the British artist Graham Kibble (b. 1974), living in Sauvo, will encourage visitors to think about our visual world and our relationship with reality. Most of the images that surround us are two-dimensional. Still we seek the impression of space in them. In three-dimensional images depth is an illusion, created for example by perspective. As we become ever more joyfully and willingly seduced by our image saturated world, do we ever stop to consider how complicit we are in upholding the illusion of depth?

The works by Graham Kibble have taken shape slowly over the years. Around his sculpture he creates an original space, which is then photographed. Finally Kibble paints on the photograph.  

Like an explorer, the visitor to the exhibition studies unfamiliar and peculiar spaces. The adventurer absorbs the experience like a child and wants to find out what the images are about. What is an illusion and what is real? Familiar elements are discernible. Perhaps this unknown world is not so distant and the desire to depict the obscure environment actually reveals something about ourselves.

The title of the exhibition refers to the famous science fiction novel of Arthur C. Clark, 2001: A Space Odyssey, made into a film in 1968 with Stanley Kubrick.

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