Eeva-Leena Eklund, Maiju Salmenkivi and Milla Toivanen
9 Jun – 3 Sep 2006
At the Turku Art Museum’s Studio, 9.6.-3.9.2006

This summer, the Turku Art Museum’s Studio will be showing the works of three contemporary Finnish artists. Eeva-Leena Eklund, Maiju Salmenkivi and Milla Toivanen all studied at the Academy of Fine Arts at the turn of the millennium and since then have appeared together in joint exhibitions. The artists use a borrowed experience derived from a common past and display a subtle change from one extreme to another in atmosphere. Their paintings activate and sensitise. They remind you of how close opposing feelings and moods are to each other in both reality and fantasy.

Eeva-Leena Eklund’s familiar button-eyed, cosy animals, Bambis, swans and fluffy cats move viewers as they look out from their candy colours. Eklund’s rose-tinted world seems so unthreatened until the viewer realises how very susceptible it is. Maiju Salmenkivi offers lightning-like images of momentary light and shadow. The captivating mood can be light and inviting or intriguing and threatening, sensed narratives and stories. The same figures and landscapes are compared in different paintings, with dramatic differences in the repeated mirror images. In Milla Toivanen’s ‘minimalist’ paintings the inner feelings of the figures are strongly present. The images painted reflect deep experiences from her student years in Belgium a decade ago. These simple buildings and sparse interiors exude lived life, the strength of quiet colours.

The artists were all born in 1972 and at present live and work in the Helsinki area. Before going to Helsinki to study, Eeva-Leena Eklund graduated from the Turku Arts Academy. Milla Toivanen spent two years studying in Belgium and Maiju Salmenkivi one year in Holland. Eklund’s and Salmenkivi’s paintings have previously been exhibited in Turku, but this is the first time for Toivanen.

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