The Drawing Society of Turku
Incorrectly Drawn
18 Nov 2011 – 15 Jan 2012
The exhibition in the Studio presents an impressive collection of work by the Drawing Society of Turku (Turun piirustusseura, tps) under the title Incorrectly Drawn. The title expresses the society’s members’ wish to push the boundaries of drawing. Collective drawing allows new things to be experimented with and to be developed, but it can also lead to unique achievements and results. The exhibition artists are Joona Huotari, Kari-Petteri Kakko, Jani Kaunisto, Jussi Lepistö, Sami Leppänen, Jan Lindgren, Eero Merimaa, Jarkko Rantanen, Matti Vainio and Juha Welling.

The members of the Drawing Society of Turku are all graduates of the Turku Drawing School. They have regular meetings at the society’s studio in Manilla where they gather to draw together. Sometimes they organise drawing events in the public space or invite the audience to draw with them in a museum, for example. Drawing for the members can variously be a form of meditation, an opportunity to study the subconscious mind, or just a way to spend time in good company. But what is common to them all is that drawing is for them a way to communicate – both with each other and with the audience.

In the past few months, the members of the society have drawn together very intensively. The occasionally wild lines and juicy colours on dozens of panels attest to their collective efforts. All artists take turns to work on the same pieces, and the individual contributions are often indistinguishable in the final result. When the members draw, they talk through the pictures. One member starts where another left off. Sometimes one artist draws over a detail drawn by someone else. The very process itself is almost like life in miniature. Sometimes the discussion is democratic, sometimes one person seizes the reins, or withdraws into a corner to stay there for a while. The handiwork of every artist becomes part of the whole, which would never have been possible without the cooperation skills of artists who share mutual respect and have honed their collective skills for years. The members do also talk with each other, but there is a time set aside for that. Sometimes they have heated arguments about the content of some piece, when they try to understand themselves and each other. Praise is also given. The members of the society say that the custom of leaving messages has been a part of their studio culture for a long time. The habit finds a natural continuation in the arresting flow of images in the exhibition, where textual messages in different languages play their own distinct role. The pictures contain both familiar and strange elements that give food for thought for a long time.

Let’s Draw! workshop on Saturday, 19 Nov. at 2 pm
The Drawing Society of Turku invites the audience to draw with them in the Let’s Draw! workshop which commences in the Studio at the Turku Art Museum on Saturday, 19 November 2011 at 2 pm. The workshop fee is included in the admission price. The only requirement is an open mind and an interest in drawing.

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