Factory of Found Clothes
Three Mothers and a Chorus
11 Jun – 12 Sep 2010
St. Petersburg based Natalya Pershina-Yakimanskaya (b. 1969) and Olga Egerova (b. 1968) form up the artist duo Factory of Found Clothes. Their artistic activities are based on a manifesto where they strive to change the society and promise to work for the oppressed. The Factory of Found Clothes was established in 1996 and they have dealt various issues in their works including the relationships between men and women and different generations as well as different power structures and social networks.  

In the Darkroom Factory of Found Clothes’ film Three Mothers and a Chorus (2007, 33:50 min) will be presented. In the work we are confronted by a choir which raises questions about upbringing of children. These questions are answered in turn by group of mothers who tell about their worries and troubles in the said area.  

One of the mothers laments her two-year-old boy who has not yet been potty-trained. For the other, raising the infant is an investment to the future. The child should, according to the mother, realize that even the motherly love should be earned. A third mother tells that all is well but in the end is forced to admit that she tries to mend her broken promises with gifts of money.

Even inside the choir the consensus is broken by quarrelling voices. The singers represent different mentalities, ages and characters. Men defend strongly their traditional roles as providers whereas the women encourage their sisterhood to work outside the home.  

In a two-part video the stories of Russian mothers makes visible the challenges of parenthood in contemporary society. In the end we also hear what did happen to these numerous mothers and children – how where their hopes fulfilled and where did their journey take them. The exhibition is supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

The Darkroom series of exhibitions was launched at the Turku Art Museum in 2008. In the first year, the shows presented videos and media works by Finnish artists. Artists from the other Nordic countries were showcased in 2009. The year 2010 in the Darkroom is dedicated to work by artists from the Baltic region and from Russia.

Factory of Found Clothes

Questions to Factory of Found Clothes

1. Could you tell how you start planning your art works and how the work proceeds?
Our works are always based on our own experiences, but they can also be initiated by a talk with somebody, some other moving story or  an event.

2. With which themes have you worked for this exhibition?

Motherhood, contradiction of society, peoples hopes and pains, relations and feminism.

3. Why are these subjects important to you?
Both of us are mothers and humans.

4. Could you tell about the technique you have used for the art works in this exhibition?
We have used a lot of material from the interviews we made when we started to work on this piece.  Before the interviews we read about the subject and consulted sociologists.

5. Is this technique typical for your working?


6. What does this exhibition at Turku Art Museum mean to you?
It is a great possibility to introduce our work to our dear neighbours.

7. Which other art fields are close to you and why?
Literature and cinema are natural, since we work with video art.

8. Could you tell about your future plans?

We are trying to help to build a critical institution in Russia and develop true democratic values. We are going to do a work about migrants and other projects dealing with social problems. We’re working with people’s problems instead of making something ‘decorative’.

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