Futile Matters
Turku Artists’ Association 85th Anniversary Exhibition
5 Jun – 6 Sep 2009
Turku Artists’ Association celebrates its 85th anniversary with an exhibition in Turku Art Museum. The exhibition Futile Matters presents works of Erika Adamsson, Heini Aho, Aaron Hiltunen, Jorma Hyttinen, Ilona Niemi, Sandra Nyberg, Merja Pitkänen, Hanna Seppänen and Sirpa Särkijärvi.

This presentation is an excellent survey of the art that is made in the area just at this moment. It brings to the fore the wide variety of media employed in contemporary art and succeeds in giving space to unique approaches.

Futile Matters asks what futile things in life are important. How do we define the uselessness and where does its value lie? This moniker is an attempt to start a dialogue both in a private and public sphere. In a time when the language of business is all-pervasive, it’s good to contemplate what is ultimately important. The importance of pointlessness can also be examined in relation to culture.

Turku Art Museums and Artists’ Association have a long common history. Association’s first annual exhibition was presented in museum’s premises already in 1924 and these events continued with few exceptions until the late 1960’s when the association got its own exhibition spaces from the city. Annual exhibitions are still an integral part of association’s activities and in addition to Futile Matters association organizes an exhibition Plastic Crystal in City of Uusikaupunki’s Ars Aarras locale. Futile Matters is curated by Mia Haltia from Turku Art Museum.

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