Saara Ekström
Explaining Darkness
25 Jan – 9 Mar 2008
The video works in Saara Ekström’s (born 1965) exhibition Explaining Darkness describe the mental world of an estranged person who struggles to understand herself and her fellow beings.
The exhibition reminds us that recollections and experiences often merge together as the defining factors for our existence.

The rotating flower arrangements in the video triptych No Body are bathing in intensely red light. The work is constructed - as are our lives - of multiple still images, incidents, which interlock together to create an advancing story, an animation. As the story evolves and our viewing point changes, things that only a short moment ago seemed tangible and real, might suddenly transform into something totally different. The constantly revolving flowers crate a pulsating background for the text - the silent voice of the consciousness - which submerges deeper into a void where name, body and identity loose their meanings. As the elements that connect us to the reality peel off one by one, is there a core that will remain?

The thematic of the work No Body is further developed in the video titled Trail. The medical tomographies (3D x-rays) of plants, inner organs and various objects illustrate a narrative of a person who tries to seize a character inside a labyrinthine building. The transparent and fragile tomographies are like a trail of abandoned belongings - shed off layers of a vanishing persona. They lead us further into the building and closer to an innermost self, a hidden place where we have no entry.

In spite of its title Explaining Darkness does not and cannot give us an explanation of what darkness finally contains. Still, surrendering ourselves to the undulating movement, we might contemplate over change and recognition and the question of what inside of us is ultimately real.
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