Villu Jaanisoo
8 May – 29 Jun 2008
Villu Jaanisoo’s (born 1963) exhibition Fear examines the feeling when something that is familiar starts to look odd and when this transformation cannot be explained by words alone.

This strange sensation can arise in surprising situations. Fear has no physical form, nor any odour. It’s impossible to localize even if it surrounds us all over.

In Jaanisoo’s installation we see onlookers of a parade, which have been carefully chosen. These bust-like figures seem almost human even though they are birds.

This motley crew has a menacing feel to it. The birds are unpredictable and their gazes are hard to follow. It is like they are about to disappear, into the skies, without traces. These birds have an appearance of a united group but this illusion of uniformity quickly disappears into thin air when they turn their backs one at the time.     

Estonian-born Villu Jaanisoo has lived in Finland from 1991 onwards and is currently the professor of sculpture department in Estonian Art Academy. His public works include the 1996 monument for the victims of the m/s Estonia made in co-operation with architect Jorma Mukala. Jaanisoos’ latest public commission Everything is Possible will be unveiled later this year in Viikki, Helsinki.
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