Annukka Olli
27 Mar – 17 May 2009
Turku Art School graduate student Annukka Olli’s degree show in Turku Art Museum’s Studio consists of large canvases depicting forcefully painted faces.
These portrait-like works capture our imagination and make us reflect our position vis--vis these staring eyes. The paintings portray persons that actually do not exist.

Annukka Olli wanted to paint faces for her degree show since the understanding and ‘reading’ of facial expressions is part of our everyday life and something primordial for us all. A large part of our communication with our fellow beings consists of decoding these appearances. We convey deep feelings and manifest often hidden and latent thoughts with our way of being.

Annukka Olli perceives herself to be more like a sculptor than a painter and this manifests itself in her way of crafting her canvases. Her paintings are constructed of thinly layered acrylic paint which she reworks by washing and rubbing away the pigments. These scraped surfaces are marks of a lived life and traces of different experiences. For her a skin full of contours is far more interesting than a smooth face without wrinkles. She does not strive to create pictures of beauty or for that matter ugliness. The interesting and captivating is to be found somewhere in-between.   

Her main interest lies in the depicted eyes and she strives to paint these as lively as possible. “The faces in my paintings are distorted and out of focus whereas the eyes are painted realistically and naturally. I try to create – with these eyes – a contact with a viewer”. For her the moment when the painting is finished has a magical quality. At that point the work is looking at her and reflects the feelings of its maker.   
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