Päivi Häkkinen
7 Nov 2008 – 11 Jan 2009
Helsinki-based Päivi Häkkinen’s gesamtkunstwerk Lähde* consists of odd and hybrid personage.

Feathered creatures are accompanied with furry and scaly beasts in the mystic scenery. The world that these black and white figures inhabit emanates forceful feelings and create strong sensations among visitors.  

A multi-eyed, antenna-headed 20-toe creature looks around with an ‘evil eye’ whereas a furry giant Cyclops struggles to push towards the wind. Amongst these larger beings we find smaller creatures either flying in the skies or contemplating in solitude. Häkkinen’s exhibition brings about forceful emotions and makes us think about the questions of power and domination.

Päivi Häkkinen (b. 1975) is keen on utilising a variety of materials and her way of working is contemplatively slow. The materials wary from small stones to feathers and leather – the substance of the figures is painted plaster. She has gathered stone bits and pieces that ultimately have found their way to the sculptures from various sources including Åland Islands and Greece during her residencies.

Light-design is a pivotal part of Häkkinen’s exhibition titled Lähde. The artist has devised this lighted landscape in co-operation with the light designer Anna Rouhu, who also has made the video.

*in English fountain, source, spring, go, leave
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