Maria Lindberg
Run Like Hell
23 Jan – 22 Mar 2009
Gothenburg based Maria Lindberg  has from the early 1990’s been an influential figure in Swedish contemporary art scene.
She has taken part in numerous exhibitions in major venues both in Europe and United States. Turku Art museum is proud to present Maria Lindberg’s exhibition Run Like Hell which consists of works from the 1990’s onwards.
Lindberg’s art is in its content and its outer appearance both free-floating and precise as well as seemingly random but ultimately carefully thought out. Her artistic roots lie in the early conceptual art and she shares the principles of many Fluxus artists, with some she has during the years developed an aesthetic kinship as well as a personal friendship.

The art of Maria Lindberg is a rare example of an individual and consistent way of thinking in art making. Constantly on the move and ready to experiment, throughout her career Lindberg has utilized a wide variety of media ranging from text, video, drawings, sound, artists’ books, found objects and paintings. She strives to engage the viewers’ methods of thinking and ways of seeing and in due course makes visible the fallacy of language and thinking.

Maria Lindberg believes that art not only represents the everyday but that art’s task is to take thinking into a new level. She is a strong advocate of the economy of simplicity: her unedited filmic works follows an action from its beginning to an end. Her choices of material are basic and objects recycled from the everyday are turned into art. These approaches are conscious attempts to raise viewers’ understanding.

In Run Like Hell Maria Lindberg has created a site specific whole to Turku Art Museum’s Studio. The exhibition is curated by Mats Stjernstedt the director of Index – the Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation.

The exhibition has been supported by the The Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation.
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