Miikka Vaskola
19 Sep – 2 Nov 2008
Turku Art Museum is proud to present Miikka Vaskola’s  (b.1975) latest paintings in the Studio. His works seem to be spontaneously produced but reveal their carefully thought out nature on closer inspection. Vaskola’s unframed large-format canvases remind us of movie theatre screens populated by diverse individuals. These meticulously and almost photorealistically executed persons seem to be embedded into the canvas. Vaskola’s paintings are forcefully present and captivate the viewers into their narratives and visual moments.  

Miikka Vaskola works in a meticulous and careful manner. The depicted stories inherent in the works come about during the process of painting. Sometimes the canvases receive rough treatment through the use charcoal, iron oxide or ink. This laborious treatment of the painting’s surface is reminiscent of things past and binds the images into the very fabric of the work.

The narrative instances in Vaskola’s paintings are just that, without a beginning or end. The viewer is sucked into the void of his visual world where the air seems to standing still in the afternoon heat. The depicted persons are in the middle of realisation and are just about to see or grasp something essential. In addition to visually figurative works Vaskola frequently employs abstract tools of picture-making. These empty vistas take us even further into his unique pictorial world.   
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