Anne Tompuri
20 Nov 2009 – 10 Jan 2010
Take some time off and come to he Studio at Turku Art Museum to enjoy the atmosphere of paintings by Anne Tompuri  from Lappeenranta.

The large canvases offer an emotionally evocative spectacle presented in a very narrow palette. Using only black matte paint over bronze pigment, the artist has achieved extremely subtle and fascinating tones. At a glance the paintings might seem to be abstract, non-figurative, yet the artist has named them landscapes. Viewers are free to decide for themselves the theme of the landscape. Do these paintings depict clouds in the sky, mindscapes or enlarged details of some dazzlingly luminous natural phenomenon?
Examining the surface texture of Anne Tompuri's (b. 1958) paintings is to enter a fascinating world. An extremely thin, translucent and smooth layer of paint is covered by an opaque, almost tangible thick black finish. Yet there are differences also in the deep black surfaces. Sometimes the brushstrokes trace an endless circle, sometimes they stagger and move slowly, or surge vertically in a powerful, dynamic motion. Anne Tompuri's paintings draw the viewer into a world where small becomes big and big becomes small. There is a sense of total darkness, absence of everything, turmoil and pain. Yet a brilliant light is always so powerfully present that it almost takes the breath away. The darkness is counterbalanced by a dazzling light that embodies consciousness and an understanding of something greater. It feels good to be in this world.


On Thursday, 19 November 2009, Anne Tompuri will give a talk about her work in the Kuvateatteri of the Turku Arts Academy (Linnankatu 54–60) starting at 1 pm. Admission is free and the meeting is open to the public.
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