Lisa Strömbeck
In Memory of All Those Who Work Without Ever Getting a Reward
5 Jun – 6 Sep 2009
Lisa Strömbeck’s video In Memory of All Those Who Work Without Ever Getting a Reward  focuses on a small dog who resists valiantly almost overpowering temptations. A plateful of sausages is placed in front of him and in another scene we find the dog 'crusified' with salami slices. His hardest task is undoubtedly keeping the slices on tip of his nose. The dog follows anxiously his owner’s movements and obeys all commands even though it would be all too easy to grab the delicacies.

Lisa Strömbeck’s (b. 1966) warmly emphatic works investigate the societal changes that have occurred in recent decades. After having returned to her native Sweden in 2000 following a decade in Germany and Denmark she noticed that her childhood’s social democratic Sweden had transformed. Long gone were the cosy recreational rooms in the schools and offices were people could relax between the classes and meetings. These rooms were either inactively empty or transferred into storage area.
What was behind the tendency to demolish these much needed rooms and what did it tell about the society? Strömbeck later constructed these ‘take-a-break’ -rooms into museal spaces and galleries and even a permanent one into a company space. Animals have played an important part in Strömbeck’s art and in this Resting Place work sleeping cats and dogs on video screens created a relaxed atmosphere to the room.
In Memory of All Those Who Work Without Ever Getting a Reward (2007, DVD, trilogy, 32:30 min.)  is a memorial to all those who have worked without compensation. This work makes us think why we work and for whom.

Exhibition has been supported by Cultural Foundation for Finland and Sweden.

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