Pilvi Takala
The Angels
7 Nov 2008 – 11 Jan 2009
Pilvi Takala's (b. 1981) new video The Angels follows closely the methods of her earlier works.
Instead of creating objects Takala generates situations through performative actions, where she investigates the behaviour of people in different settings and circumstances. In The Angels we find her dressed as a sales person correcting small mistakes of the shoppers in a department store.  These people don't notice her actions whereas the viewers of the work can follow her conduct recorded with a hidden camera.    
Pilvi Takala has consistently aimed at creating a disturbing effect or situation in her works. The effects that manifest themselves in people's behaviour Takala records and edits into a final exhibited work. The situations often take place in public everyday sphere such as an Icelandic ice-cream parlour where an elderly lady went on tasting different flavours without the employees stopping her. For the production of The Trainee (2008) Takala spent a month in a most unlikely artist's residency. She was working as a trainee ‘Johanna Takala’ in a consulting company and confused her co-workers by standing in an elevator for a day or by sitting by her desk or in company's library 'just thinking". The Angels is not her first intervention into a shopping mall environment. In Bag Lady from 2006 she wondered around in a German mall for a week carrying a transparent plastic bag filled with euro notes. In The Announcer from 2007 an elderly lady asked the staff of a department store to announce messages through the public address system to handsome males that she had encountered in the shop.
Pilvi Takala graduated from the Helsinki Fine Arts Academy in 2006. She is currently working and living in Amsterdam and has recently been nominated to be an artist in residence in Amsterdam's Rijksakademie.
The exhibition has been kindly supported by Aflred Kordelin Foundation and Finnish Cultural Foundation.
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