Peter Land
The Lake
23 Jan – 22 Mar 2009
Turku Art Museum started the Darkroom series in 2008 with presentations of Finnish artists. During 2009 the Darkroom artists are from other Nordic countries and the series kick off with world-renown Peter Land’s video The Lake from 1999.

In the work the artist leisurely walks through the woods carrying a shotgun dressed as a gentleman hunter. On the background we hear Beethoven’s 6th Pastoral Symphony. Now and again the artist takes a sip from his flask and wipes sweat from his forehead and then continues gallantly his journey through the woods. Eventually he reaches a small pond and steps into a little dinghy and ultimately the tranquil scene is disrupted with a shotgun blast.

What’s left after the event is just a floating hat on the surface of the pond. Nature continues its unhurried existence and the birds carry on singing as if nothing has happened. In his work Peter Land raises thoughts about our existence and life. What will happen after we are dead? Does that ultimately change anything?

Danish Peter Land (b. 1966) lives and works in Malmö. He started his career as a painter and gradually became interested in the possibilities of video as a medium. Currently he works with a variety of media from paintings, drawings, moving image and sculptural installations. He has taken part in numerous international exhibitions and represented Denmark with a work named Playground in Biennale of Venice in 2005. Peter Land’s works have not previously been shown in Finland.
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