Veli Granö
4 Jul – 31 Aug 2008
Turku Art Museum is proud to present in the Darkroom exhibition series a three-channel videowork Purification (2007, 7:37 min) by Veli Granö (b.1960).
In the work we see Veikko Koskenvaara measuring the radiation in the electric appliances and the amount of additives in food products with his self-made instrument. Dangerous substances are found but luckily Koskenvaara has devised a tool which eradicates these and life can go on in its usual safe manner.

Veli Granö is known for his mid-80’s photography series Onnela which depicted self taught folk artists. He continued these investigations throughout the following decade and was active in curating exhibitions of these DIY artists (Do It Yourself,  ITE= Itse Tehty Elämä).

World is filled with people who think and act contrary to the usual norms. Granö is fascinated by these individuals and has in numerous video and photographic works documented their lives. These works have been shown in exhibitions and festivals though-out the globe. Granö is interested about the relationships between the maker and the object of documentation and strives to make his role visible. In Purification Granö has for the first time used multi-channel projections and in so doing has enhanced the effect of each part of the narrative.

There are many ways to manage one’s life. Art has a potential to make us see things from new perspectives and simultaneously make us more tolerant. By accepting differences and by taking unusual stances we can shape our life and surroundings and thereby create a better tomorrow for us all.

Veli Granö received a Finnish State Prize for Photography in 2002 and Finnish Art Association’s Ducat Prize in 1992. He is the curator of the ongoing Mänttä Art Festival’s main exhibition The Art of Humanity.
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