Eeva-Mari Haikala
25 Jan – 9 Mar 2008
Turku Art Museum’s Darkroom-series presenting new video and media art is launched with Eeva-Mari Haikala’s (born 1974) exhibition Attempt.

Artist’s originally 16mm film named Five attempts to be still (2007) was filmed during Haikala’s residency period in South West England. In the work we see the artist being pushed gently towards a soft chaise longue where she makes an effort to lie still. Nothing much seems to happen in a video. Little by little we as on-lookers concentrate on following her breathing and apparent immobility and inactivity. We also start to notice various elements surrounding the still figure. Richly ornamental interior reminds us of boudoirs familiar from the classical paintings and at the same time trigger our own long lost memories. When making the work Haikala has been especially inspired by Pierre Bonnard’s (1867 – 1947) paintings.
Five attempts to be still summons us to a unique time-space and alters our experience of the elapsed moments. By slowing down the passing of time and making the events as miniscule as possible the artist invites us to the depicted world. In Haikala’s works this extraordinary painterly ambience is strengthened by the use of specific colours and luminosity. The work’s painterliness is enhanced by the already mentioned unhurriedness. Besides hinting to history of art and her own past experiences Haikala is keen to investigate the interrelationship between still and moving image.  

Five attempts to be still is Haikala’s first work that has been executed by a team of professionals and in a staged setting. As in her previous works she employs the language and methods of performance and continues to use her own body as an artistic tool. (see

Residency was organixed by SPACEX gallery, Exeter and Dartington College of Arts, funded by FRAME. Thank you also to Arts Council of Finland and London Finnish Institute.
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