Nelli Palomäki
I, the Daughter
14 Mar – 20 Apr 2008
Turku Art Museum has annually presented a degree show by a graduating student from Turku Art School. Photographer Nelli Palomäki  (b.1981) is this year’s debutante.  I, the Daughter exhibition consists of portraits of young women and children. Her black and white photographs are quietly poetical and fragile. Palomäki has been influenced especially by the visuality of old French movies and she believes in using photography as a way to examine and depict contemporary ways of being a woman.

Majority of the exhibition’s portraits are close-ups of faces although it also contains works depicting persons “in full length” as well. The models have been dressed by Palomäki into somewhat boisterous attire. The mood of the images shifts from defiant to teasy. Although the photos are staged they nevertheless have a candidly sincere feel to them. They ooze self-confidence and reflect mature insight about what it is to be a woman and a daughter.

Nelli Palomäki describes her works as follows:

These works portray the innocence of childhood and the dependency a child has towards parent. All this is in contrast to the needs and hopes of independent individual. Whether there are any definite boundaries interests me. Are we ever truly grown up? 
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