Hannu Karjalainen
14 Mar – 20 Apr 2008
Turku Art Museum is proud to present Hannu Karjalainen’s  (b. 1978) new video Surfers in the Darkroom exhibition series. Karjalainen is known of the videos where he investigates the mechanisms and methods of portraiture and the interrelationship of still and moving image. From early on, sound and experimental music have been pivotal in his productions. In Surfers the artist continues working with and developing the aforementioned themes and ways of art making.      

The presented video depicts a balancing act of a surfer enjoying the might of forceful waves. Total bodily control interconnected with a nuanceful movement of the water element creates captivating impression. By slowing the passing of time Karjalainen manages to stop the moment – suddenly we are conscious of surfer’s every move. The absence of sound enhances this concentration of particular moment. We are also aware of the force of nature. Who is in control? Who ultimately gives in? The somewhat obvious answer becomes less clear when the surfer makes his crucial move.

Hannu Karjalainen graduated from Helsinki University of Art and Design’s Department of Photography in 2005 and lives and works currently in Strasbourg.  
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