Amour unit deux c½urs
18 Sep 2009 – 28 Nov 2010

Henry Lönnfors miniature collection

Henry Lönnfors’ outstanding miniature collection was received as a donation in 2004. The collection, which will be shown for the first time in public, is mainly comprised of Swedish works from the late 18th century and early 19th century. Because Henry Lönnfors, a doctor of laws, travelled extensively during his lifetime, the collection also contains several central European miniatures from the 1600s to the 1800s.

Born in Vaasa, Doctor of Laws Henry Lönnfors (1939–2004) spent most of his working life in Turku in the Åbo Akademi University. He was socially progressive and held several positions of trust, including long-term member and treasurer of the Board of the Turku Art Society. He bequeathed this collection of miniatures to the Turku Art Society (Turku Art Museum) in 2004, and allocated funds for its expansion.

Henry Lönnfors Miniature Collection is a valuable addition to the rare public miniature collections in Finland. The many Swedish miniatures in the collection in particular are in line with the focus of the existing collection of the Turku Art Museum, which from the very beginning has concentrated on Finnish and Scandinavian art. The French and some other foreign works in the miniature collection broaden the focus of this collection in an international direction.

The exhibition and the publication Amour unit deux c½ursHenry Lönnforsin miniatyyrikokoelma, Henry Lönnfors miniatyrsamling has been supported by Henry Lönnfors’s Foundation, Svenska kulturfonden, Cultural Foundation for Finland and Sweden and FILI/Delegationen för den svenska litteraturens främjande.

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