Jan Toomik
29 Jan – 11 Apr 2010
The first Darkroom exhibition of 2010 presents Jaan Toomik’s work Waterfall (2005, 1:45 min).
In Waterfall the artist is seen in front of an enormous waterfall. The might of nature is manifested by massive downpour of water which nevertheless does not bother the artist looking calmly towards the viewer. He seems to be at the same time tranquilly absent and in connection with the onlooker of the work. Suddenly his appearance changes and he opens his mouth. What for a short while ago was only visible behind him is now surging from inside of his body. This immense chaotic rupture is anyway only momentary. The tranquility returns, and the artist departs from the scene.

In a matter of minutes the work manages to shatter the viewer’s emotions. This vigorous flow of water is reassuring but at the same time potentially dangerous. The work can be seen as a self portrait or as a depiction of the world surrounding us. In it, all meanings and readings are intertwined. The clouds are moving and the water is flowing whereas human stands still.

Jaan Toomik’s  (b. 1961)  video and installation works have been presented in numerous international exhibitions, festivals and biennales. In his native Estonia he is also known as a painter. In his videos, where the artist frequently appears, he handles personal sometimes challenging experiences. He has depicted the loss of his father, the death of his brother and the painful history of Estonia. Besides events relating to his personal history Toomik has also looked into the mental and physical illnesses that humans encounter as well as the violent behavior that people perform. His works depict human’s resourcefulness in hard situations and their capacity to survive without forgetting the humorous absurdity of our reality and life.


On Thursday, 28 January 2010, Jaan Toomik will give a talk in English about his work in the Kuvateatteri of the Turku Arts Academy (Linnankatu 54–60) starting at 2 pm. Admission is free and the meeting is open to the public.


Turku Art Museum has from 2008 onwards presented in its Darkroom-series video art from Finland and Nordic countries. Throughout 2010 Darkroom exhibitions consist of screenings of work by artists from Baltic countries and Russia.
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