Jussi Haro: Reconstruction
7 Apr – 21 May 2017
Turku Art Museum presents annually a degree exhibition by a graduate from Turku Arts Academy. This spring we are happy to showcase Jussi Haro’s (b. 1985) works whose art making leads and stems from street art. Presently Haro mainly employs the means of ‘traditional’ sculpture making.

Through-out his time in art school Haro has collected materials from the public space to be used in his works. These include wrecked pushbike locks, empty energy drink cans and hand-out propaganda stickers of neo-nazi and far-right groups. Haro has managed to collect over 370 broken bicycle locks and huge quantities of energy drink cans and has scraped and torn off parts from the racist stickers for later use. These found objects are loaded with and carry plethora of meanings; they portray feelings of an overtly strained and testosterone filled unsecure outsiders.  

Reconstruction consists of three individual wholes where Haro gives the recycled materials a new bearing. Bicycle locks create a mass where their individual constituents become part of a larger whole. What is then this ‘one’ in a bigger picture; does individual trauma disappear when it’s diluted into a shared one? A Suzuki PV-moped made out of drink cans talks in the defiant language of youth culture voicing the need to be heard. Collected torn stickers Haro has in turn transformed into three collage-like herbaria where aggressive slogans transmute into idyllic summers of childhood, to flowers and the Finnish almost romance-like relationship to nature.    

Haro’s methods are on par with collecting, fact recording and other museal activities. From an art historical perspective he revisits the world of found objects, ready-made-esthetics, performative actions and the tradition of artists’ activism. The questions on identity as part of collective culture, trust and distrust as well as on the nature of public space, become fundamental themes of Haro’s degree exhibition. The public panics and private fears of 2010’s, racism and the alienation of individuals and different subgroups in the society, are all manifested in the exhibition’s works.  They all convey thoughts on problematical power relations, interdependency, life choices of (self)destructive individuals and the limited possibilities and lack of vistas in life itself.


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