Jouko Korkeasaari: Gloria's home
25 Nov 2016 – 29 Jan 2017
Jouko Korkeasaari’s work is characterised by dream logic that is apt to give rise to unexpected associations. Having worked for the past few years with puppets, assemblage and installation, Korkeasaari has once more seized the brush. Gloria’s Home showcases paintings completed mostly in 2016.

The starting point and inspiration for the exhibition is an imaginary person, Gloria, whose life Korkeasaari depicts in his paintings. However, the time and place as well as Gloria’s identity remain a mystery. Painted in a 19th century spirit, the dark, gloomy canvases offer dreamlike flashes of situations or moments in the past that can be meaningful or not. The story has no clear beginning or end, giving viewers room to combine the clues left by the artist in any way they like.

Korkeasaari’s imagery is a happy mishmash of aristocratic decay and horror, teen magazine forums as well as American backwoods and religious cults. Stylistically the paintings draw inspiration from surrealism and naivism, and they sometimes contain allusions to popular culture, even art history. There is a disjointed quality to the works, they seem to evoke something forgotten or hidden. They invite us to peer into darkness and to join a secret society of magical mysteries orchestrated by Korkeasaari.

Jouko Korkeasaari (b. 1971 in Kajaani) works with painting, sculpture and installation. He graduated from the Turku Arts Academy in 1998, and currently lives in Helsinki. He has also been a member of the Hyäryllistä art collective since 1992.
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