Lars Brunström
27 May – 28 Aug 2016

Swedish artist Lars Brunström creates mechanical animal sculptures in installations that often contain a strand of humour. Brunström is inspired by the motions and behavioural patterns of humans, animals and machines, which he isolates and distances from their natural origin and then presents in his works in a slowed down and mechanically repeating form.

Brunström draws his imagery from the wild, where hyenas eye each other warily in the savannah, vultures stalk their next victim and geckos walk on endlessly. Brunström uses a great deal of time to study animals and their movement, yet instead of aspiring to render a realistic experience of nature, the works avoid what we tend to think of as natural. The way that the artist focuses on a single movement – slowing it down and repeating it in an endless cycle – creates an almost hypnotic experience for the viewer. In the case of the more subtle movements, viewers may even doubt their own eyes: Did the sculpture really move, or was I just imagining it?

Brunström sees movement primarily as a form of communication, and it is this that gives nature and character to his works. One easily begins seeing the actions of his animals in human terms. The works invite amusing thought experiments but also more serious reflections on the relationships between humanity, animals and nature.

Lars Brunström (born 1973 in Uddevalla, Sweden) began his career as a painter, but studies at the Malmö Art Academy from 1997–2002 kindled in him an interest in the language of movement and in mechanical sculptures. Brunström works with a wide range of materials, including latex, silicon, clay and internal mechanisms that make them move. Brunström lives and works in Stockholm. His work is now on show in Finland for the very first time.

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