Rita Anttila: Unknown's Compass
13 Mar – 17 May 2015

"Infinite–limited, is it you?"
-Maurice Blanchot


Every year, Turku Art Museum supports a graduating artist from the Turku Art Academy by mounting a degree exhibition at the Studio in the spring. This year the choice fell on photographer Rita Anttila (b. 1988).

Unknown's Compass
consists of photographs that use self-portraiture as a vehicle to explore issues of body and mind, change and limits. The unknown is for Anttila a place of subjectivity where she finds topics for her pictures and where the world of photographs becomes part of the reality that the camera sees. Anttila is also interested in scale, the interrelations between photographs, and what such a narrative can achieve. How to portray things whose innermost being seems to lie within the sphere of sensory and bodily experience, a fundamentally non-verbal, subjective knowledge?

“The unknown is a space where seeing is internal and whose scale can be emphatically distorted compared to the views of physical-objective reality. I nevertheless use photography to try to capture the tension that arises from the juxtaposition of the scales of different states – also that which exists and then how I have experienced the unknown. I use naming to try to refer to what lies behind the photograph, in the possible and the impossible.

I work intuitively, I play. A picture is like a jigsaw puzzle. Only by doing am I able to seize the threads that lead to the next pictures. The source of the process is nevertheless an inner feeling which I call the compass of the unknown. It is a place, a corporeal space of the inevitable, where the visual resides.”

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