Erkki Nampajärvi: Collages
23 Jan – 8 Mar 2015

Spring season at the Studio will be opened by a Turku-based artist Erkki Nampajärvi (b. 1982).  Between 2012-2014 he worked as an artist-in-residence in the Henry Lönnfors Atelier, located in the Puolala Park next to the Turku Art Museum. His residency period is now ending with an exhibition which will display his most recent works from 2014-2015.
Nampajärvi graduated from the Turku Arts Academy in 2010 and he is particularly well known for his large ink drawings. Recently, these have been accompanied with expressive, increasingly more abstract paintings, which utilize the potential provided by collages in a similar manner as his drawings. "I begin my art works as if by accident. A splotch of ink or an interesting shape helps me get started. I work on several paintings or drawings at the same time. I might start working on a specific piece and then leave it waiting for months or even years. At some point, when the feeling is correct, the art work can be finished quite quickly. This can be influenced by my interests regarding a specific technique, for instance drawing, collage, image transfer or painting. These views and states come and go in cycles. When there is nothing more to say by drawing, I switch to painting."

In his work Nampajärvi relies heavily on intuition. His art often has an apocalyptic setting, stemming from the subconscious mind and moving between his personal life, society, religion, dark humor and other mysteries. Images intertwined with each other come to life layer by layer, stitching together a mental landscape, which has a dark, unscrupulous and in some cases even nightmarish undertone.

The Turku Art Society established an Artist-in-Residence programme in 2004, which was made possible by the generous will of Henry Lönnfors (1939-2004) who was a long-time treasurer of the Society. The Henry Lönnfors Atelier is situated at Albatross Jugendstil house in the museum’s vicinity. The atelier is rent-free to a selected visual artist for a three year period. Apart from Nampajärvi the atelier has been the working space for Kati Immonen and Hanna Seppänen. The new artist-in-residence for the years 2015-2017 is Nestori Syrjälä. 

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