Esko Männikkö
Time Flies
16 May – 21 Sep 2014
Esko Männikkö (b.1959) rose to world acclaim already at an early stage of his career. His production can be seen for the first time in Finland in its entirety as a large retrospective. Time Flies showcases the artist’s works from four different decades. Maija Koskinen is the curator of the exhibition produced by The Finnish Art Society. The popular exhibition has earlier been on display in Helsinki Kunsthalle.

Esko Männikkö’s interest in photography started on his early hunting trips. The hunt for prey soon turned to a pursuit of images. His breakthrough took place in 1995 when he was chosen to be the Young Artist of the Year. In his award exhibition Männikkö presented the memorable series The Female pike which showcased the life and loneliness of bachelors in northern Finland. Since then no larger solo exhibition of Männikkö has been presented in Finland.

Through his whole career Esko Männikkö has been interested in the events, details and beauty of everyday life. Männikkö’s way of working is serial and he photographs people, places and lifestyles with great respect which creates a unique, intimate ambience to his photos. The earliest works in the exhibition are from the series When Time Stops Still dating back to the early 1980s.  The black-and-white photos record the audacity of the Määttä family in the Särkijärvi village in Utajärvi. The newest works from the series Blues Brothers take the viewer to Italian cemeteries. Through time Männikkö’s imagery has developed more towards the symbolic but his interest in the everyday and marginality still remains.

Esko Männikkö was born in Pudasjärvi and works and lives in Oulu. Many works by Männikkö belong to either international or Finnish collections. Männikkö has for example been awarded with the internationally esteemed award Deutsche Börse Photography (2008).

Turku Art Museum arranges some events relating to the exhibition (in Finnish). PhD Johanna Frigård talks about the relation between photography and time on 24 May at 2 pm.  Esko Männikkö discusses his works in an artist talk on 6 September at 2 pm. A workshop connecting to the exhibition’s themes is arranged on 9-10 August from noon to 4 pm and on the Night of the Arts on 14 August. Further information about the events can be found on the museum's website.
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