Kukka-Maria Rosenlund: Invisible trace
14 Mar – 27 Apr 2014
Every year, a graduate from the Turku Arts Academy is invited to hold a degree show at the Turku Art Museum’s Studio. This spring photographer Kukka-Maria Rosenlund (b. 1987) was chosen as exhibiting artist out of all art graduates.

Invisible trace
showcases aluminum mounted pigment prints which were finished in 2013-2014. They all connect to Rosenlund’s family history. Timeworn photo albums and her grandmother’s old diaries help Rosenlund to make sense of her family memoirs. By carefully examining these mementos she reveals memories and emotions filled with dread and quietness. The photos are highly personal yet extremely identifiable. In them, the past and the present shake hands, forming a timeline which has shaped both the artist’s own identity as well as entire generations of Finns.

”I belong to the third post-war generation. At an early stage I realized the possibility of loss being a part of normal life. As a child visiting my grandparents I took notice when their voices became serious as well as the topic of their discussion. My grandparent’s experiences of war cast a shadow of evil and unexpectedness in our lives. I tried to understand fear and war trauma and my grandma’s longing for her earlier home in Karelia. I have always felt an unexplainable grief in me, maybe it’s me feeling the past being more existent than the present itself. In a family’s unconsciousness events from the past move on to the perception of the following generation. The past shapes us, whether we want it to or not. So very easily silence sets house in our lives and our minds.”

“Invisible trace tells about memories and the fear of losing what is dear to us. I am outlining the past through photos. I found a mystery in an old photo album, in a way on its flip side. Truth and delusion are mixed by recollections. Time takes its toll by carrying past events further away from us. In the end the image becomes a mirror through which I can behold my life.”

– Kukka-Maria Rosenlund

The exhibition has received support from the National Council for Photographic Art, Canson Infinity and The province of Viborg, the Pyhäjärvi foundation, the fund of Aune and Vilho Kähönen.
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