Maja Qvarnström & Erik Lagerwall: Waiting for storm
4 Oct – 17 Nov 2013
The Swedish artist duo Maja Qvarnström and Erik Lagerwall have been working together since 2011 building installations that depict indoor and outdoor spaces. The hallmark of their practice is the reproduction of commonplace settings with an exactitude that borders on the humorous, lavishing the same attention on all things, from furniture to the cigarette butt in the ashtray. Their skill with the material fools the eye, which refuses to believe that everything down to the tiniest detail is made of paper. Studio in Turku Art Museum now mounts the largest installation ever created by the duo, an entire house with rooms and a backyard that invite viewers to step inside.

Waiting for Storm
seems like an ordinary, nondescript home. There is no one at home, yet the space as it is created and ordered by the occupant reveals something about the occupant’s character and wish to interpret and control the surroundings. The static installation offers a counterpoint to the indefinable, oppressive sense of premonition and resultant disquiet. The impending storm may be cataclysmic, but just as well an insignificant event.

Maja Qvarnström (b. 1987) and Erik Lagerwall (b. 1990) met in Malmö when Maja was still a student of photography and Erik studied painting and sculpture. Their first collaboration was a photographic project for which they built a set. This gave them the idea of the constructed milieu as an independent work of art, and their shared aesthetic took shape as they developed their first installation. The duo’s breakthrough was at the Vårsalongen 2011 exhibition at Liljevalchs konsthall in Stockholm. Waiting for Storm is the duo’s debut exhibition in Finland.
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